Midjourney is a research lab that focuses on exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of humanity. They are known for their interactive bot that uses machine learning to create images based on text descriptions provided by users. The bot combines various images found online in a unique and artistic way to create entirely new creations that go beyond simple composites.

Midjourney’s AI image creator is a powerful tool for creating art without requiring any artistic background or ability to draw. Users can simply describe the type of image they want to create, and the bot uses AI algorithms to generate an image that matches the user’s description. The results can be unpredictable, but they are often stunningly beautiful and incredibly unique.

How to get Midjourney

To get started with Midjourney, you can visit their website and click on the “Join the Beta” button. This will take you to a Discord server where the MJ bot is hosted. You can access the bot through the Discord app on your smartphone or by opening Discord in your browser.

Once you have joined the server, you should see an MJ icon in the left-hand column of the Discord app. Clicking on this icon will allow you to interact with the bot and start generating AI art.

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to check out the Getting Started link on the Midjourney website. This provides general instructions on how to use the bot and get the most out of your experience.

Overall, getting started with Midjourney is relatively simple and accessible to anyone with a Discord account. With the multiverse now in beta testing, more and more people are able to explore this exciting new world of AI art generation.


How to use Midjourney

To use Midjourney, first, you need to join the beta testing program by clicking “Join the Beta” on the Midjourney website and accepting the invite. Once you have joined, go to the MJ workspace in the Discord app or browser and start in one of the Newbie rooms. In the Message area at the bottom of the page, type “/imagine” and describe what you want to see. Your prompt can be as fanciful as you want, including subjects, artistic styles, mood descriptors, and more. The bot will use machine learning to create four images based on your prompt, and you can choose your favorite by selecting the upscale (U) button underneath it. The V buttons make variations of an image.

Keep in mind that the bot recognizes some descriptions better than others, and it is better at creating artistic images than photographic ones. The program has a style of its own, so the results may look like a painting or drawing rather than a photograph. If you want a photo, try creating a vintage one like a wet plate or tin type. Additionally, you can refine your prompt description and try different variations to perfect your images.

If you want to see all of the art you have made, go to the Midjourney page and log in. Your creations will be on the home page, and you can download them from there. Overall, Midjourney is a fun way to explore the world of AI-generated art and expand your imagination.


Can Midjourney process images ?

Midjourney is not an image editor and cannot post-process photos taken with a camera. It is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create images based on your prompts and the provided images in its workspace.

However, you can base your image on an existing photo by starting the prompt with the web address of your photo and describing how you want the final product to look. It is important to note that while post-processing can enhance an image, it is crucial to start with a successful or partially successful image that can be improved through editing.

Some aspects of a photo, such as focus, cannot be fixed with post-processing. In post-processing, exposure correction is an essential step in reducing clipping and keeping as much information as possible in the image. Other post-processing techniques include cropping, color and contrast adjustments, correcting converging verticals, lens distortion, and vignetting. To post-process photos, you can use photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or ON1 Photo RAW to organize, edit and apply automatic post-processing settings to your images.

How much does Midjourney costs ?

The cost of Midjourney depends on the type of membership you choose. The Basic Membership costs $9.99 per month and allows you to create up to 200 images. The Standard Membership costs $29.99 per month and gives you unlimited creations if you work in “relaxed” mode, but you are limited to 15 hours. There is also a Corporate Membership available, the cost of which is not listed on their website and likely depends on the specific needs of the organization.

You can manage your subscription at any time by typing “/info” into the message bar.


Overall, it seems that Midjourney AI is a useful tool for creating artistic images, particularly for those who may not have a background in art or the ability to draw.

While the results may not always be exactly what was expected, the unpredictability of the bot can lead to interesting and unexpected images.

It is important to note that Midjourney AI may not be suitable for those seeking photorealistic images, but it can be used to create concept art and imagery in various styles.

Ultimately, the control one has over the bot depends on their ability to accurately describe what they want to see.

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